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Software Development

Problem of finding reliable IT software development partners remains universal for all types of business. It remains equally relevant  for mature well established corporate enterprise,  small or medium business trying to grasp and embrace digital transformation, fast growing  startup when time and competence are of an essence or just early stage startup dreaming of creating the next billion dollar business. 


While working on bringing to life its own projects and  also seeing some challenging experiences with product development  encountered by their industry peers, founders of CML Technologies saw a real need that  UAE market has for high quality, reliable and professional software development services. 

Through leveraging its network connections and sourcing the best international talent, CML Technologies is proud to announce its key partnerships with well reputed international software development companies that aim to raise  quality benchmark in the UAE digital landscape.


Serving multiple industries and various business types, CML Technologies ' exclusive partners network can help with bringing the most ambitious product development needs to reality.

"Having an amazing business idea is a good start and foundation for the  future success. However, without having the right development partners to bring your minds picture to reality it may remain just a beautiful fantasy shattered into pieces when faced with the harsh reality of real life development struggles."

Anna, Founder

What We Can Help With


We can deploy high-demand technical skills as well as highly skilled teams to seamlessly integrate into your project

IT product development

Following your project needs we can build a complete solution or if required a part of it

IT consultancy

We can help you with project management deploying all our partner network expertise in project leading domain


Our Key Strengths

Bespoke Project Development

We review your project and together with our partners design and develop you the best solution that meets your time and budget requirements.

Cohesive and Agile Teams

We offer you cohesive and highly productive teams to seamlessly join forces with you and start bringing value to your project from the very early days.

Multi Disciplinary Expertise

Our diverse and multi-disceplenary network of partners allows us to bring together experts from various IT fields to collaborate on your project.

Strong Network of Reputable Partners

We constantly grow and expand our network that helps us ensure that at any given point we can fully cover all of your project needs.


Our Tools and Methodologies


new business modelling, strategic planning, agile transformation, product design, qa assurance, start-up support in product and solution iteration, design, development
design thinking, sit, sii


full stack web and mobile development in various programming languages to suit every project need from simple to highly advanced.

Special Skills

ai & machine learning, blockchain and smart contracts, web/application servers, modern databases systems, cloud deployment, design and prototyping through the most advanced software


agile methodology (scrum, kanban), sap, bugzilla, jira, trello, vivifyscram, code review moderation, technical writing, modeling (uml),onsite work


Our 3 Step Approach


We understand your pain, identify the best solution and bring you the best provider. We always keep your project's best interests in minds.


We ensure that your solution journey reaches the end successfully without interruptions. We are your reliable advisor and caretaker, your project success guarantor.


Through our partner network and if required beyond we can avail multi-disciplinary IT fields and domain expertise so all your project needs can be answered.

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Let's Work Together

Get in touch with us and we will help you bring your product  development dreams to reality.

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