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"Universal coverage, not medical technology, is the foundation of any caring healthcare system."


Richard Lamm

“Health is not everything, but without health everything else is nothing.”
Socrates sets priorities.

Wireless ECG

Duo of a device and software that makes process of long-term ECG monitoring at the maximum comfortable and precise. It provides data for developing ML systems for heart activity processes’ modelling and predictions.



An online platform which solves several problems occurring in medical practice like:

  • treatment of patients with several comorbid diseases;

  • treatment of complex and rare cases and diseases where consultation of multiple specialists is required;

  • online-help for doctors with little experience.



An online platform that with the help of creative machine learning provides to students of medicine, practicing doctors, scientists as well as general public a tool to interactively explore human organism, its normal and especially pathological conditions.


Interactivity expands to treatment processes.

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