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Who We Are

Creative Machine Learning or in short CML Technologies is an IT projects inventing company. Our main activities lie in the areas of creation and development of unique, new to market digital concepts and products that cover a variety of industries and sectors. 

Our current projects concentrate in the spheres of gaming, entertainment, health tech, societal policies as well as development of true Artificial Intelligence through the concept of Creative Machine Learning.

How It Started

Developing the concept of an alternative paradigm of Artificial Intelligence and finding the solution that will enable considerable decrease in the volume of data input required for current ML algorithms topped up by the increase in the algorithmic accuracy has been a life-long passion for one of the company's founders and key inventors – Nikolai.

This is how the concept of Creative Machine Learning was first born. Concept where machines with limited data input can arrive at the point of teaching themselves and thus solving vast variety of problems that still remain out of technological and human reach. 

Creative mind can never stop so the broad spectrum of ideas of CML Technologies’ key inventor and founder, Nikolai, found its way through the creation of one of a kind IT projects inventing company.

What We Do

Idea Creation

At CML Technologies we believe that a starting point of any project should be  IDEA. Defining what we are going to do is the foundation of our process. We strive to create projects that are defined by their bold and innovative nature. Projects that redefine the way we live today and aim at improving life of society at large.

Concept development

Starting with an idea we develop our projects into sound and workable concepts. We outline all technical and economic requirements, build business models, do market research and develop financial models. We convert just an idea into a working business concept.

Strategic, operational and technical management of projects

We believe that it takes two to tango and thus we strongly believe in partnerships and collaborations as the only way to achieve synergies. We partner with development companies to bring our concepts to reality by providing them with the strategic, operational and technical management so that in our joint effort we can achieve the true product excellence together.

Why We Do What We Do

We believe in progress, we believe that there are incredible opportunities for humanity to achieve its peak potential to make a reality even the boldest and most daring of ideas. It's all a matter of desire and belief.


Technology can help humanity to manage and govern better, it can provide mobility where it is lacking, it can give access to things that were out of reach before, it can help to find solutions to the problems that still remain out of human reach. Technology can redefine the way we live and perceive the world and it can help humanity to flourish.


Our company's philosophy is to use technology for the better of everyone, not to threaten or disrupt, but to really create value for everyone. 


 We all have one world to share and it is in our power to make it a better place! 


"At CML Technologies we create our projects not to make money.

We make money to create our projects".

Nikolai, Founder


Our Business Objective

Main objective of CML Technologies is through key partnerships with individual and institutional investors and development organizations to bring to life its current portfolio of unique and transformational projects that can redefine and improve the way we live.

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