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About Us


Creative Machine Learning or in short CML Technologies is an IT projects inventing company. Its main scope of work lies in the area of creation and development of unique, new to market digital concepts and products that cover variety of industries and sectors. 

Its projects lie in the spheres of gaming, entertainment, health tech, societal policies as well as development of true Artificial Intelligence through the concept of Creative Machine Learning.


Business Objective

Main objective of CML Technologies is through key partnerships with individual and institutional investors and development organizations to bring to life its current portfolio of unique and transformational projects that can redefine and improve the way we live.


How It Started

Developing the concept of true Artificial Intelligence and finding the solution that will allow to considerably decrease volume of data input required for current ML algorithms topped up by the increase in the algorithmic accuracy has been life-time work passion for one of the company founders and key inventors – Nikolai.

This is how the concept of Creative Machine Learning was first born. Concept where machines with limited data input can arrive to the point of teaching themselves and thus solving vast variety of problems that still remain out of technological and human reach. 

Creative mind can never stop, thus broad spectrum of ideas of CML Technologies’ key inventor and founder – Nikolai found its way through creation of one of a kind IT projects inventing company.


Meet The Team

With 20 years of hands-on operational, business development and general management experience in multiple industries Anna brings with her vast practical experience of business set-up, operational work and business development. She holds Bachelor of Arts and 2 Post Graduate Degrees in Business Management and Innovation and Design Thinking. 

Her key strengths lie in the areas of tactics, planning, project management and organizational work. Her passion lies in the spheres of education and business. 

Nikolai is a scientist, inventor, strategist. He is also the main creator of the companies concepts and ideas. He has dedicated his professional career to his life-time project of Creative Machine Learning, an innovative concept that aims to shift the current paradigm in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He holds Masters Degree in Cyber Economics. 

His key strengths lie in the areas of strategic thinking and visioning along with creativity and inventing. His passion lies in the spheres of IT research and development, mathematics, quantum physics and history. 

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