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“Who is wise? The one who learns something from everybody.”


CML Technologies

Per creaturam ad cognitionem

We are an IT projects inventing company. Our projects lie in variety of spheres and solve real problems for real people. We reimagine today by thinking about tomorrow.


Intellectual computer games with crisp and clear monetization strategy. 


Redefining travelling of tomorrow. 100% Inclusivity and sustainability.


Taking inspiration from from Socrates and Plato, challenging the way our societies manage and rule.

Health Tech

From solving problems of today to creating new interactive experiences

Creative Machine Learning

The paradigm of ML which combines biological models of human brain with mathematics of strings theory.


CML Technologies 

Creating projects
that matter.

Welcome to the world of Creative Machine Learning! World where nothing is impossible and the boldest ideas find their way to life.


We believe that tech can and should be humanistic and we are striving to use the technology for the common good, to make our world better, to help societies develop, thrive and prosper. 

Humans and technology can and should coexist and we believe that only together these two ecosystems can truly flourish.

We are happy to introduce you to our projects which can solve real crucial problems in various fields of both personal and societal lives.

Our doors are open to the boldest, bravest, visionaries, anyone that can and wants to do better! We invite you to join us and let's bring the world to the next level together!

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